This is the best selling apple variety in the Northeast.  A John McIntosh of Ontario, Canada crossed the Detroit Red and the Famous apples varieties in 1801.  The flesh is white, soft, and juicy and is highly aromatic. This variety is a “parent” of the Cortland, Empire, Macoun and Spartan. The flesh softens when baked, Macs account for Nearly 2/3 of today’s New England apple harvest.  McIntosh are ready to be pick in early September



This is a number two selling variety at Blue Jay Orchards.  This variety is a cross of the McIntosh and a jersey black. The flesh is very white, highly aromatic and is very juicy.  Macouns are harvested in last September or early October.  Named after a Mr. Macoun who “crossed” the parents in the early 1900’s at the New York State agricultural experimental station.



This variety is a “cross’ of the Jonathan and the Golden Delicious.  This is a great sweet tart apple, which is the number one selling in Europe.  The flesh is a creamy yellow color.  The variety is juicy and crisp.  This is the number 3 selling variety at Blue Jay orchards.  This variety is picked in early October.  Developed in 1968.



This variety is exceptionally juicy and crunchy.  Honey crisp is a mid season apple (Mid-September0 the variety has a sweet taste as the honey on the name would suggest and is crisp again at the name would suggest.  This variety was introduced commercially in 1991.



The “parents” of this cross are the Golden Delicious and the Cox’s orange pippen.    The flesh is dense and crisp and the variety has a sweet flavor.  This variety is on the smallest but good “ lunchbox” sized apples.  The Galas are picked in ????????




This is a cross of the Red Delicious and the Rall Janet.  Legend has it that the variety Ralls Janet was names by Thomas Jefferson as an honor to the French Minister to the United Stated.  This variety is the number on selling variety in Japan and China. The flesh is firm and juicy and the apple has a sweet taste. The Harvest date begins in late September


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