Flavors and Textures


BraeburnAll apples have a balance between sweet and tart, but to varying degrees. Please remember, as we try and advise you as to what apple to try, that everyone's taste buds are a little different and that people taste different things in the same apple.

A lot of folks are surprised by just how different various apples can taste. A winesap has a subtle, rich aroma similar to wine. People have detected chocolate, banana, pineapple, and even coriander flavors in different apples! The best way to get to know your apples it to try them!

Granny SmithJust as everyone has their own preferences for the perfect eating apple, baking apple, etc., so do we! We would be glad to share our preferences for the above and what others agree with, but the best judge will be you. Years of experience have proven we won't mess with a cook! What may be an excellent baking apple for you may not be for another.

It all goes back to our taste buds and their preferences for sweetness, tanginess and texture. We do know that some of the best pies are made with a variety of apples (usually 2 or 3) which will be bound to compliment everyone's taste preferences! Please come back and tell us your favorite!





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